Let the IKEA Sign Rise! & Other Great Signs (PHOTOS)

ikea signSome cranky pants in Florida are complaining about an IKEA sign being too big. Why aren't they complaining about the speed limit being too high? After all, you have to make the IKEA sign so dang big so you can see it when you're speeding down the freeway. Anyone who has attempted to get to the Elizabeth, New Jersey store will back this up.

The Swedes have it right, not only in size, but in style. The IKEA sign broadcasts exactly what's inside the build-it-yourself design store. If it's big, it's simply a reflection of the big selection in these stores that carry everything from sippy cups to king-sized beds. The IKEA sign should stay, it's not like it's an eyesore like HomeGoods.

There are other well-designed store signs and logos in the home furnishings biz. Not surprisingly, the best designed signs offer the best in home products as well.

Here are the tops:


design within reach

Design is rightly emphasized in this cube of authority. What's also clear is that the visual is competing with the language. Because this design store is not within reach. Not unless you can fork over $800 for an Eames chair. Still, it's fantastic looking, just like the contents inside the modern walls.


target signNow that's within reach. The open circles in bold red and white from Target are inviting and playful. Just like their home goods.

crate and barrelAgain, you know by the sign that you're getting sleek, non-particle board furnishings when you step inside Crate & Barrel. You know where the Crate & Barrel sign looks best? On a gift certificate (hint, hint, Santa).


home design signsJust like its older, more expensive sibling, CB2 lets you know what's in store. More playful, colorful furnishings at a lower price.


muji signIf you didn't get the minimalist vibe right away, Muji clues you in to its Japanese roots with the translation right smack underneath the logo. I could spend an entire paycheck at Muji. Luckily, that will get you a lot of neutral-colored home and personal items.

What's your favorite design store?


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