Nicole Kidman Twin Apartments: Find the Differences!

nicole kidman apartmentCheck out this lavish, spacious, pristine, one heck-of-a-view penthouse apartment owned by Nicole Kidman. And I typically wouldn't use words like "lavish" and "pristine" but, come on, look at this place ... what else would describe it? It's beautiful but not exactly cozy.

Not wanting to put it on the market -- oh those economy woes -- Nicole has opted to rent it out instead (at a humble $45K/month in case you're interested).

She recently purchased a similar penthouse back in August. No wait, scratch that. It's practically an exact replica. This is clearly one girl who isn't a fan of change.

Let's compare the two shall we ...


nicole kidman apartment

Here is a photo of the apartment she just moved into. I feel like we're playing one of those video games you play at the bar of "find the differences between the two photos." Except it's with beautiful decor and not naked people.

Floor-to-ceiling windows. Check. Amazing views of the river and New Jersey. Check, check. High ceilings. Check. And yes, these are, indeed, two totally different apartments. Just apparently separated at birth.

These last two shots show a bit more dissimilar qualities enabling us to do more difference spotting: Stairs! Pictures! Rug!

nicole kidman apartment

nicole kidman apartment

Which of her two apartments do you like better? Do you find them to be eerily similar?


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