The Perfect Thanksgiving Tradition & Decoration in One!

Do you decorate your house for Thanksgiving? We go all out on Halloween and Christmas, but keep things pretty light for November. But when I'm hosting -- and I am this year -- I like to make sure the house feels festive and cozy for the the big day.

We put votive candles all over the place (unscented so they don't mess with those yummy Thanksgiving baking smells), and use lots of gourds and pumpkins and other pretty vegetables to decorate the mantel and the dinner table.

This year, I'd really like to add the gorgeous garland pictured above, designed by Silverbox Studio, to our festivities. It's both beautiful to look at and a beautiful tradition to practice. A perfect opportunity to write down exactly what you're thankful for this year and remember those little individual blessings that add up to one big lovely life.

Find instructions to make your own -- and the free printable template -- below.


1) Download the free Thanksgiving printable at Silverbox.

2) Print the pdf on an 8.5 x 11 sheet. Each page will print 7 strips with alternating designs. You could print on a rustic kraft paper -- like the one pictured -- or try an elegant white cotton or a shimmery gold. Printing on pretty papers in muted oranges, greens, yellows, or browns would also feel very Thanksgiving and festive.

3) Each strip has an empty space to write what you’re feeling thankful for. You could fill them in ahead of time and have the garland hanging as guests arrive -- making a great conversation piece. Or, you could invite guests to participate. This would be an ideal quiet project for kids to engage in while dinner is being prepared. Have small scissors and glue sticks available for little garland makers.

4) An alternative idea is to use the printed strips as napkin rings. Include a pen at each place setting and guests can write something they're grateful for, share it with the group, and take home the little memento as a reminder. 

So pretty. And such a bargain!

What about you? Do you have any fun Thanksgiving traditions you'd like to share?

A big thanks to Silverbox for generously sharing this idea.

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