William and Kate's Rural Love Nest Decor

kate and william engagementHe’s a prince, she’s a “commoner” -- but let’s be real, her parents are multi-millionaires, making her hardly common. She may not have the title, but she’s lived like aristocracy. Once married, will they both enjoy the kingly life with quarters in Buckingham Palace?


They’ll be forced to endure three years of hardship at William’s rented farmhouse in Northern Wales, while he serves out his time in the Royal Air Force.

Of course, now that she’s official, Kate can redecorate the digs to her heart's content! (And plan for her new life on the 900-acre estate Charles is preparing for them.)

What will she choose to decorate the royal farmhouse? I don’t think it will be the traditional royal opulence, with frou-frou antiques and lots of gilding. Here’s some of what I see making it into their home, based on some very thorough, scientific evidence. 


kate and william engagement bedFashion
Kate has been the picture of simple elegance throughout her time with William, equally at home in an Issey gown as she is in jeans.

I see her picking a four-poster, like this silvered piece. It’s very now, with the mirrored detailing, but the posts and the wood are a throwback to royal beds of yore. It also fits the farmhouse setting quite well.

She’ll switch canopies and drapes with the seasons, sticking with streamlined shapes and elegant fabrics like linens in the summer and silks in the winter.

kate and william engagement lightFood

William is known for an affinity for bitter beer and fries. Kate, on the other hand, goes for salads and Chablis. Kate likes light and refreshing, and she’ll want her surroundings to be the same.

I predict lots of lighting and lots of reflective surfaces, like mirrors. A chandelier is one place she might adopt a bit of frill, if not her clothes.

She’ll opt for light, crisp colors, instead of the hunter greens and mahogonies of the traditional English manor house.

kate and william engagementValues

Kate has been shacked up with William for ages, and clearly makes her own choices about many things. Still, she embraces the traditions required of a future princess, down to waiting for her man.

I have a feeling she’ll be somewhat of a mix-matcher -- using tasteful antiques as well as more modern pieces.

Kate will also want to pay homage to the spot where William proposed: Kenya

She’ll find a twist on taxidermy the perfect solution to all of the above.



How would you decorate the royal farmhouse?


Images via Prince of Wales, Niermann Weeks, Ralph Lauren Home, Z Gallerie

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