5 Reasons My Dog Should Come to Work With Me

This lazy dog needs to get to work!
I'm always looking for ways to make my company even more fantastic, successful, and productive than it already is -- which is why I thought it imperative that I share this bit of research involving dogs in the workplace.

A new study suggests that allowing employees to take their dogs to the office can have a positive impact on workplace morale, collaboration, and productivity. With such a ringing endorsement, I find it hard to believe that any employer wouldn't want to make their office space dog-friendly!


In the interest of adding to the empirical evidence presented in this study, allow me to impart the reasons why my dog in particular would make me a more productive employee in my current position. (Please note: I would never use this blog for personal gain and resent any suggestions to the contrary.)

1. It's been proven time and time again that dogs reduce stress and make people happy. So, let's say it's a tediously slow news day, the only thing to write about is Sarah Palin, and I'm feeling like a worn-down frowny face; well, then, I'll simply give my dog a little pet-pet and be smiling -- and, more important, working! -- again in no time.

2. Workplace mentorship opportunities are said to mutually impact the mentor and mentee alike. I certainly can't be trusted to not mess up the intern, so why not allow me to concentrate on teaching my dog how to behave in the workplace?

3. Sometimes my culinary-challenged coworkers bake a bunch of stuff that no one wants and force us all to eat it. Instead of refusing it and starting an argument like I usually do, I can simply skip the drama and feed the crap to my dog (as long as it's not chocolate!).

4. Because I'm so very likable, people are always stopping by my cube to chat it up and gossip -- which really cuts into my precious work time. My dog could take over my social obligations and distract my coworkers, thereby allowing me to work in peace.

5. Mascots inspire teams during sporting events. Can you even imagine what my dog would do for office spirit?

Hopefully, the people in my office who can make "Take Your Dog to Work Every Day" happen are reading. It's obviously a win-win scenario and should be escalated immediately. Let's hear it for increased productivity!

Do you take your dog to work?

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