'True Blood' Palace Tour: Rooms & Scenes You Never Saw

True Blood house

Does this room look familiar?

Besides being a room straight out of your dream home, True Blood fans might also recognize it as Queen Sophie Anne's humble abode, where we were first introduced to the character in Season 2. It's here that Bill interrupts her game of Yahtzee (yes, apparently vamps enjoy the thrilling game of Yahtzee) to whine about the crazed Maenad that's interrupting his beloved Bon Temps and his poor sweet Sookie. She blows off the crisis, encouraging Bill to pop a bottle of True Blood and relax. I distinctively remember agreeing with her -- I mean, look around, dude.

This home is actually a residence in Malibu, California and has recently been put on the real estate market for a mere $34.5 million. Let's take a quick peek at some of her rooms that we didn't see on the series:


kitchen of True Blood home

It's safe to say that this kitchen probably wasn't used much, except for the microwave to heat up True Blood and the occasional meal for the queen's mortal toy partner Hadley. Such a waste (the kitchen space, not the mortal).

living room from True Blood

Forget the old black-and-white films -- you know Sophie Ann was the biggest Twihard of them all.

house from true blood

Wow, what a view Eric had when he was flying in for his not-so-friendly visit.

room from true blood

The fireplace may not have gotten much use, but I'm sure those egotistical vampires installed the mirrored walls on purpose. And yes, vampires can see themselves. They made up that whole mirror myth so that they could prove to humans with their reflection that they weren't vampires, remember?

What do you think of the True Blood home? Do you recognize it from the series?


Images via ChrisCortazzo.com

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