Ugly Walls Solution: Rent a Masterpiece! (Toddler Insurance Not Included)

What's on your walls? Is it that same tired Monet poster you've had since college, or this lovely-if-overused champagne ad? Or, more likely, is it hand prints and your children's latest masterpieces?

Nothing can make a room look more pulled-together than a well-chosen piece of art on the walls. But gallery-crawling and visiting art fairs to find just the right piece are not exactly child-friendly activities, and buying whatever random poster at Target that matches the couch is fine, but maybe a little boring.


There are ways to make it look as if you have simply impeccable taste without a ridiculous outlay of cash and time. Some art museums around the country will actually rent you art, usually from local artists. Some galleries do the same. Fees are surprisingly reasonable, as little as $17 a month.

Of course, there is the child factor: mine are incapable of not investigating things with their hands (if I had a dollar for every time I said, "That is not for you to play with" I'd be able to buy almost any piece of art my heart desires).

If you're not interested in potentially trashing someone's masterpiece and making a hefty claim on your homeowner's insurance, there are other ways. Museum shops often carry lovely pieces of functional art and nice-quality prints, and some even have online catalogs. Museums from around the country make archival-quality prints of works from their collections available on 1000Museums, which has reasonable prices for its high-quality prints. There's even a grown-up version of that ubiquitous Monet.


Image via The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store

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