Custom Doormat: Easy Handmade Holiday Gifts

Photo from Cathie Filian

Today, check out this DIY Monogrammed Doormat.

Message me with your easy handmade holiday gift ideas. Your project could be featured here!


This monogrammed doormat found via Cathie Filian is a wonderful gift for anyone, particularly friends and family in new homes. Stencil the monogram right in the middle or craft creative messages or designs your friends and family will like. The possibilities are endless really.

You do have to buy the doormat (around $10-$20), but the rest is up to you! With a homemade stencil, tape, and spray paint, you'll be able to knock off several gifts on your list.

Readymade has a tutorial for an awesome customized astro-turf doormat too.

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What message would you like to see on your custom doormat?

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