Finish Your Holiday Cards in 15 Minutes or Less

christmas cards holiday cardsI love getting cards and lining them up on my shelves and remembering friends and loved ones this time of year. There's something very exciting about seeing what people have to say through the medium of the Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year card. So how is it holiday cards have become the bane of my existence this season?

Families are getting busier and busier. Mine is certainly not alone in the mad dash through the holidays. Niceties like sending a paper card through the mail (I know, how antiquated!) are getting the shaft. But for those of us who still love this idea, if not the effort, some companies are solving the problem of not having enough time to spread the holiday cheer.

These three companies choose, personalize, and even mail your holiday cards to all those people you want to reach out to and greet this year. Yes, mail!


Jack Cards

I used Jack Cars for my birthday list last year, which means I'll have even fewer contacts to enter into their database to finish my holiday list. Jack Cards offers quality cards from the artsy to the hilarious for everyone on your list. Import your people from your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or another mail account to get everyone in with ease.

Moon Pig

New on the scene, you probably haven't missed Moon Pig's commercials all over the place. A UK company, Moon Pig has landed in the U.S. and they're ready to help revelers on this side of the pond with choosing and mailing their holiday cards. Moon Pig leans more towards the funny and even has a "naughty" section. Just make sure you keep your former college roommate and your Aunt Betty's addresses straight when you choose your greetings.


It seems the Brits have been all about this "let someone else do your errands" thing for some time. Yoodoo is another UK company that will send your greetings worldwide. You'll pay a bit more if you're not in the area, but you'll also get that witty British repartee on your Christmas cards.

Have you sent out your holiday cards yet?


Image via Moon Pig

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