8 Cordless Menorahs for REAL Jews

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Growing up, I had two menorahs. One was a plastic eight light-bulbed beauty we kept on the living room table. The other was silver with a small build -- kept on the kitchen table on a piece of aluminum foil. We couldn't open presents until "the real one" was lit.

The real one, you know, the one with the actual flames.

Sure, I understand the safety precautions behind the light bulb child-safe holiday symbol. But you're selling yourself (and your celebration) short without the flames. It is the festival of lights, after all. 

With Hanukkah sneaking up on us (the holiday begins on December 1 this year), I think it may be time for an update from our age-old piece. While I'm a sucker for tradition (I salivate thinking of mom's potato latkes), I'll be the first to admit that it's time for a few changes, starting on the kitchen table. 

Check out these eight great, "real" menorahs to light up your celebration:

Rustic Menorah (Crate and Barrel, $26.95)

This dark design is a modern twist on the traditional menorah, complete with an antiqued bronze finish.

Linens and Things MenorahNoah's Ark Children's Hanukkah Menorah (Linens-n-Things, $63.52)

This kid-friendly candle-holder is the perfect way to integrate story time and family bonding into your Hanukkah week. Make it entertaining by picking out your favorite animal and doing your best impressions. 

Marquis by Waterford Menorah (Crystal Classics, $129)

When I was younger, you knew it was holiday time when mom broke out the Waterford china. Nothing screams stylish like this special elegant menorah made of Waterford crystal prisms.


pottery barn menorah

Menorah (Pottery Barn, $199)

Are you one for a traditional style? Nothing less than classic beauty with this elegant piece from Pottery Barn.

Crystal menorah

Waterford Menorah, Hanukkah Collection Original (Amazon.com, $274.99)

This Waterford beauty comes in both gold and platinum finishes.

Williams Sonoma Menorah

Michael Aram Olive Branch Menorah (Williams-Sonoma, $210)

This design is an inventive take on an old classic that just screams Williams-Sonoma elegance. The olive branch base makes this menorah a perfect centerpiece for your holiday table.

Gold and Silver Plated Menorah by Alef Judaica (Amazon.com, $14.44)

The focus on this two-tone menorah is the "shamash," or the lighting candle, set much higher than the other eight. It's tradition to use that candle to light the others.


Yair Emanuel Hanukkah Menorah "Wave" (HHJudaica.com, $60)

Into color? Well then this menorah is just your type. If you're not sold on the pink and brown combination, then check out the other styles. Available in violet and blue, purple and pink.

What's your family menorah like? Will you buying a new one this year?

Image via Calamity_Sal/Flickr

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frysh... fryshannon34

What is a "real jew"?


I lost ours in the recent move and told my husband it was up to him to replace it. he has not yet. lol. we celebrated hannukah at the inlaws and even they did not bother to get out the menorah. before we moved tho I kept it on top of the coat rack right when you walk in our house and I thought it was pretty so if my husband does not replace it I think I will go get a nice pretty one. I have been married to him for 3 years and I have never seen him or his parents light a menorah. LOL We had a nice clasic one that was gold colored but I would like to replace it with a silver colored one. Classic style tho.

Carey... Carey2006

We don't have one but these are beautiful!

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