Your Couch Looks Fat in Those Jeans!

bugattie denim couch jeans

Who knew repurposing denim jeans could go so very wrong? Denim is such a nice fabric. It tends to look great on most everyone; however, applied to your couch, it's pretty much a big ass nightmare (pun intended).

Strangely the furniture designer behind this crazy jeans sofa isn't the only one who got a little out of hand with the creative reuse of blue jeans. Oh no. There are others. Let's take a looksy.


More Examples of Repurposed Denim Gone Extremely Wrong

Okay, prepare yourself. You're about to enter the denim furniture hall of horrors. Try not to let these designs scare the pants off you, however, because then these wacky designers will make more bad furniture out of them.

denim blue jeans couch sofa

Oh dear, how many overworn derrieres make up this sweet little settee?

jeans stool

Is it wrong to ask this little stool to do a twirl so I can see how well its jeans fit?

jeans mini sofa


octopus jeans chair

This chair is called the Octopus. Hmm, an eight-legged, button-fly prison of sorts.

cowboy boot table

This cowboy amputee end table is going to give me nightmares.

What do you think of jeans being repurposed into furniture? Are you buying?


Images via Bugatti Furniture, NBC, Ciske Van Berkel, Job in Design, Atelier Blink, Parson's Products


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