15 'Harry Potter' Spells We Wish Were Real

Harry PotterThe wizarding world has it so easy. Sure Harry Potter has to battle dark wizards and has the whole "only one can live while the other survives" prophecy to deal with, but he is able to clean his room with a simple swish of a wand. And witches like Mrs. Weasley can have a delicious hot dinner on the table by merely uttering a few words.

Could you imagine the possibilities if we were magical? Since the first installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out this week, let's take a look at some of the spells that would make our lives so much easier.

Get out your wands:

  1. Accio: How many times have you searched high and low for your keys, which causes you to be even more late than you already were? The Accio charm will summon your keys, or any other object, directly into your hands.
  2. Aqua Eructo: This spell that produces a jet of water from your wand would make washing the car and patio so much easier. No more wrestling with the water hose!
  3. Ascendio: This enables the caster to be lifted high into the air. No more dust on the top of the cabinets!
  4. Colovaria: This charm is used to change one's hair color or style. We could actually experiment with different hair colors and lengths without suffering the risk of rocking a bad hairdo for months.
  5. Engorgio: This charm causes objects to swell in size, so in case you have unexpected guests show up for dinner, just put an Engorgio charm onto the turkey and you'll have plenty to go around.
  6. Episkey: Used to heal relatively minor injuries -- do I even need to go into detail about how helpful this spell would be?
  7. Extinguishing Spell: For those minor fires that accidentally get started over the stove.
  8. Herbivicus: This spell makes flowers and plants bloom in an instant -- you'll surely have the best garden on the block.
  9. Incendio: You'd never have to bother with matches again if you were able to use the Incendio spell, which produces fire.
  10. Pack: How handy this would be when packing for vacation. A whip of the wand and you're done!
  11. Permanent Sticking Charm: Your walls would love you if you just cast this spell to hang pictures instead of creating holes with a hammer and nails.
  12. Refilling Charm: Would be handy for those nights that a glass of wine just doesn't cut it.
  13. Reparo: You could throw your entire toolbox away if Reparo existed. This spell is used to repair objects. Though in the books it was often to repair Harry's glasses, it can be used on any broken items.
  14. Scourgify: The cleaning charm would be a godsend.
  15. Vulnera Sanentur: Another medical spell, this one causes wounds and gashes to heal up quickly.

Are you planning on seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? Which spells or charms from Harry Potter do you wish we had in real life?


Image via HarryPotter.WarnerBros.com


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