Disposable Thanksgiving Table Decor That Rocks

thanksgiving table decorationWhile being eco is important, sometimes saving your time and sanity during the holidays trumps Mother Earth (sorry, Mom, but it's true). Disposable tablecloths have not come a long way, and sadly you're still going to look like 1978 if you go that route.

Thankfully, Etsy sellers can be counted on to bring out the table decorations that are modern, easy, and affordable.

If you have 15 guests and almost no time to prepare, much less unpack, clean, and pack it all back up -- try these awesome disposable table decorations for Thanksgiving.

(To keep your eco-conscience clear, be sure you take these tabletop decorations to the recycle bin instead of the dump.)



DIY Kids Table

Inspired by lackluster kid table decor, FrogPrince Paperie is selling the printable files ($9) for card stock so you can create cups, place settings, and a tree centerpiece for your smallest diners. Her idea of a quick clean-up for a tablecloth is butcher paper with drawings of place settings. I'd add these turkey recycled crayons for the kids to go crazy with as well.

turkey leg pinataTurkey Leg Pinata

If your guests have a sense of whimsy (and let's hope they do!), plop down this turkey leg pinata ($28) in the middle of the table instead of the real deal. Fill with leftover Halloween candy, and after dinner, let everyone go to town until that turkey leg is as deconstructed as the one you made in the oven.



thanksgiving lollipopThankful Lollipops

Instead of throwing it all in the trash, let your guests eat the table decorations. In addition to telling your dining companions that you're thankful for them with these paper lollipop covers ($12.50 for 10), you give them an extra after-dinner sweet to enjoy as well.



turkey place cardsTurkey Place Cards

Lose the tablecloth altogether and pick up these card stock turkey place cards ($5.25 for 12) for all your decorating needs. If you happen to have snappy Fiestaware in orange, don't throw that out, because it's awesome.


What do you do to make your Thanksgiving decorating easier?

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