Family of Ingrates? This Thanksgiving Decor Can Help

gratitude chalkboard

On Thanksgiving, we get together with our friends and family and take note of all that we are thankful for in our lives. We take time to recognize and share our blessings and to remember the importance of gratitude. Well, don't we? Don't we???!

Well, some families might need a bit of prompting in this regard. Showing gratitude isn't their, shall I say, strong suit. But on this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, let nothing stand in our way.

Perhaps it's enough to go around the Thanksgiving table and ask everyone to share one gratitude in their life. However, in case your family gets freaked out by even the mildest mushy talk, we've rounded up some more interactive, hands-on ways of adding a thanks-giving tradition into your Thanksgiving.

Think new ideas for gratitude trees and blessings strung with love, here are five decorative ways to give thanks this Thanksgiving.


5 Ways to Put Gratitude Into Your Thanksgiving Decor

string blessings Thanksgiving

This string of blessings is simple, rustic, and heartwarming. Southern Living suggests running this simple decoration down the center of your table. Wonderful idea! Might I suggest you, instead of making it on your own, allow all your guests to write their own blessings or words of gratitude, which you then attach and twist around your table. Adhesive labels would make this easy!

gratitude tree

This is the prettiest gratitude tree ever, and that pretty plant box ($4.99-$7.99) is from IKEA. Just add some branches (with or without leaves), filler, and some tags for guests to write in their gratitudes. Adorable. Get the complete "how-to" tutorial at Elizabeth Anne Designs.

thankful tree

If you're planning a gratitude tree or a thankful tree, take a look at these adorable homemade leaves from Zach Aboard cut from scraps of cloth. Love this homemade look. Guests can write their thankfulnesses with colored fabric pens.

thanksgiving tree

Another fun spin on the Thanksgiving tree from Playing House -- this one consisting of a blank tree trunk wall painting and lots of colorful paper leaves for writing in the things for which we are thankful. Fun for your own family leading up to Thanksgiving or a great activity for Thanksgiving Day.

paper chain gratitude craft

Here's a super kid-friendly gratitude project -- a paper chain of thanks via 54 Stitches. Good decoration for the mantel or table's edge, too.

C'mon now. I believe in you and your family. You can show your gratitude this Thanksgiving. No one has ever died saying thank you, I swear.

More Thanks-Giving Decorations:

Gratitude Tree

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Do you have a tradition for giving thanks or showing gratitude on Thanksgiving?


Images via kateausburn/Flickr, Jennifer Davick (via Southern Living), Elizabeth Anne Designs, Zach Aboard (via Crafty Crow), Playing House (via Crafty Crow), and 54 Stitches

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