Are Families Who Watch TV on Christmas Pathetic?

Christmas story movie RalphieIt's almost Christmas! 'Tis the season to get family together all in one house for some meaningful bonding and a cherished look back at all the year's trials and triumphs. Pour the eggnog, and let's all talk and dissect the emotional workings of the family, top to bottom.

Am I right? Isn't this what your family does on Christmas Day?

Or do you sit around in your brand new slippers and eat Christmas Eve leftovers and cookies by the tub-load, joyfully ignoring one another and watching TV?

Lucky you.


Other families do not give in so easily to the peaceful Christmas TV watchfest. Some families use Christmas to dig out skeletons from closets and beat long-dead horses. If this is your family, take some tips from the TV watchers. TV can quite possibly save Christmas this year.

Here's how it works:

-- Aunt Bernice is having a "feeling." Quick! Find the remote control. It won't take long before you'll surely find Home Alone 2 or How the Grinch Stole Christmas. No worries. Your local listings won't let you down.

-- Grandma and Great Aunt Merline are about to head into their annual discussion about where Great Grandpappy really spent every Christmas Eve. Time for a great "family Christmas special" like Miracle on 34th Street!

-- Your brother-in-law has downed too many beers, sits down beside you, and starts out saying, "I love you, man." Forget fingers in ears! Finger the channel arrows. The TV might be the only thing that can save you.

-- Here comes Dad with his "Did I ever tell you the story about the sexy librarian at my high school?" tale. *Click* "Oh, darn Dad, A Christmas Story marathon is about to start. Isn't this family the craziest?"

-- Be careful though. A Christmas Carol can trigger Cousin Sally's regretful Christmases past gambling sex slave story. And hearing that one again might possibly ruin Christmas forever.

What's the atmosphere in your house on Christmas Day? TV or no TV?


Image via j0L0/Flickr

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