Hey, Autocorrect, Duck You!

iphone auto textHow many times have you had to follow-up a text with another text saying, "Damn autotext."

I know Steve Jobs had the right intentions when including an extremely sensitive Autotext into his iPhone design, but I'm pretty sure we don't want our husband's parrots watching the kids.

Because it happens to all of us so often, an entire website has been dedicated to auto correct mishaps, appropriately called DamnYouAutoCorrect.com

Here are 10 epic auto correct FAILs:


Shots turns into shits: Why is auto correct encouraging potty mouths?

Tomorrow turns into Oreo: "I'll see you Oreo!" only works if you have a friend with a very odd nickname.

iphone auto textWhitehouse turns into whorehouse: Well, depending on which administration you're talking about ...

F*** turns into duck: My iPhone always wants me to talk about feathery creatures while expressing my frustration.

Shortcuts turns into anorexics: So, technically speaking, these auto correct shortcuts are really anorexics?

Cigars turns into Viagra: At least their both masculine products.

Homie turns into homoerotic: Quite the opposite terms here.

Prob turns into porn: Whenever I try to shorten "probably," it always turns into "porn."

Shoes turns to hoes: Slip into your favorite pair of hoes, er shoes.

Alot turns into slot: Trying to tell your friends you like your new girlfriend a lot might actually end up giving them a little TMI.

What are some hilarious autotext FAILs that you've witnessed?


Image via Brittny Drye

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