3 Easy Summer-to-Winter Decor Switch Ups

seasonal decorOne thing that I delight in with the changing of the seasons is the changing of my surroundings. The trees budding out in spring, heat of summer, monarchs in the fall, the crisp air in winter -- all of it.

I also love changing out my decor with each new season. What worked for summer no longer seems sufficient to provide comfort for a cold winter’s night. New things to look at, new ways to tickle your senses -- that’s what’s called for!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to make like a billionaire and swap for all new furniture, paint, and original oil paintings. Just a few simple changes will take you from season to season with style.


Light to Heavy ...

For spring and summer, sheer is the word. Use sheer or light fabrics everywhere: windows, bedskirt, table linens. And switch out the heavy comforter for a lightweight coverlet.

Fall and winter call for heavier fabrics, so bring back the duvet with a pretty silk cover, throw a plush throw on the couch, and add heavier drapes to the windows.

Simple to Earthy ...

In spring and summer, you want things to be light and clean, so switch family photos to springtime pictures and place them in brightly colored frames. Bring in clear candle holders and vases. Ditch the heavy wool rug in favor of a lighter sisal. Think about things that mean summer to you: a shell display for the beach or fresh-cut sunflowers in a tall glass vase.

For fall and winter, you want to bring in warmth. Switch to wrought iron candle holders and decorate with harvest-themed botanicals, like gourds and acorns. Bring the heavier wool rug back out. Change your family photos once again, and opt for inexpensive wood frames to replace the spring ones. Switch to amber-colored vases, and fill them with bittersweet or even decorative grasses.

Citrus to Spice ...

Spring and summer are all about clean and fresh, so change out those plug ins, oil diffusers, and candles. Go for one of the clean linen, lavender, or citrus scents. Colors are all about bright, fresh, and clean, so think spring green, a light teal, and bright white when picking pieces for the season.

In fall and winter, choose comforting scents for your candles -- vanilla or amber, cinnamon and spice, even baking scents like pumpkin and apple pie if those appeal to you. Warm colors are the way to go: amber, butterscotch, brick, and sage green are all good options for fabrics and accessories alike.


Image via Freshome

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