Pimp My RV & Chill At the Best Parks in the World

best rv parksThere are people who enjoy living in a vehicle. After all, if things get rough, you fire up the engine and get the heck out of dodge. Then there are people who decide at a certain point an RV will be their home, and the world their oyster.

For those people who put all of those eggs in that basket, things are getting fancier, and more expensive. I just caught a Travel Channel show that talked about the most expensive RV parks, which inspired me to search out the best of the bunch in traveling homes parking lots. It's shocking what people will do in a trailer. Shocking.

Here they are:


Parco Acquatico, Venice, Italy

Yes, there is a mobile home park outside Venice, Italy and it's damn fine. A parking lot for "motorcoaches for millionaires," you can cross the canal and visit one of the most fascinating cities in history, or enjoy the amenities on site. Which, apparently, a lot of people do, as they don't realize they're a hop, skip, and a jump from stunning views of ancient history. As you see people un-corking wine on their plastic tablecloth covered card tables, they're clearly getting ready to jump into the water park where a lazy river leads straight to the massage pool. Bonus, the pools are topless. How very Euro.

Malibu Beach Park

If you're sidling up to Malibu, you're in very fancy company. Of course there's an on-site hot tub for the adults, a place to have luau, and a game room. But the biggest advantage is the fact that you're in Malibu. As they say, the place summer spends the winter. Perhaps you can't afford to live in Malibu, but you can vacation there ... in your RV.

Normandy Farms, Massachusetts

It's all about the personal service at New England's Normandy Farms, southwest of Boston, and near Foxwoods. High rollers welcome! They have people on staff to fix your heat or toilet if anything goes awry on your ride, and a recreation lodge and hayrides are available as well. There's also an adult and a kids lodge -- and neither the two shall meet.

Durango RV Park, California

A high-end RV park with Wi-Fi and a pool. Brush up on your tennis and gaze over the Sacramento River when you pull up and unplug at this Northern California relaxation spot that just happens to be located in an area where you can enjoy sunshine all year round.

Coconut Caravan Resort in Cairns, Australia

It's called a caravan in Australia, but it's still for the rich folk that love to travel in massive vehicles for hours, cramped and somewhat smelly. But when you pull into Coconut Caravan, it is quite posh, with a private bathroom suite and your own backyard BBQ situation near the beach. The tennis courts, golf course, and kids' pool is one step below the seaplane option. Because you can actually climb into your private plane and fly above the Great Barrier Reef, then frolic on your own private island. That is some fancy RV action. Sorry -- caravan action.

Circusland in Las Vegas

If you don't want to pay for a room at Circus Circus, pull up your RV because you can park on The Strip and gamble your heart out without shelling out for a room. Rumor has it Tom Cruise and Robert Redford parked in the lot. Which makes sense since the RV lot has an "umbilical cord" cooled at 72 degrees that connects the park to the casino. Plus, there's a concierge there to fulfil your Vegas needs. Why stay anywhere else?

Clearly, I need a vacation. Because these parks have me lusting after an RV vacation, and I don't even like to drive anything bigger than a Geo Metro.

Do you want to live the RV lifestyle?

Image via Slideshow Bruce/Flickr

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