Mismatched Dining Room Sets: Avert Your Eyes, Purists

dining roomWho made the rule that a matchy matching dining room set is the only way to put together a table and some chairs? Why do so many of us feel the need to follow this unwritten tradition in the dining room? I say let's mix it up in those eating rooms already!

Let's break free of traditional, get sassy, and get inspired to do a little mix and match with dining tables and chairs. You may not believe it, but wood chairs don't always have to go with wood tables (chairs don't even have to match each other). It's true! Mind blowing, huh?

To keep it simple, let's take a look at several wood tables coordinated with different chair types: metal, velvet, plastic, no holds barred. We're breaking all the rules in the dining room today. C'mon, let's go!


So you have or are shopping for a wood dining table, but you're not sure what type of chairs you'd like to have. Straying from the typical matching wood chairs is a great way to give your dining room unique style and personality. If you're a wood purist, then by all means, keep it traditional. However, if you'd like to put a little color, contrast, or seriously delightful pep in your dining area, then take a peek at these mismatched dining sets.

7 Mismatched Dining Room Sets With Unmatched Style

(Shown above) Modern, bright blue chairs alongside a vintage scroll-based wooden table creates a lovely and inviting look.

kitchen dining

These velvety ottomans bring a comfortable vibe to an informal dining area.

French bistro chairs wood table

Love these colored vintage French bistro chairs around the wood dining table, as we saw in the home of Rubyellen Bratcher of the blog Cakies. So charming!

kitchen table dining table

Black and metal chairs add modern flair to the dining area of Famapa, who writes the blog my funny eye.

Here we have some dainty but detailed black metal chairs around a super-plain wood table. All eyes on those chairs, am I right?

dining room canvas chairs

These white cotton slipcovers help soften the ultra-straight lines of this painted wood table.

white chairs wood table metal

Here's a more cohesive look for those a little wary of the mismatched dining set. The table is wood (or more likely fiberboard or laminate) and the chairs are metal, but all are white. I like.

Do your dining room chairs match your dining room table?


Images via Connecticut Cottages & Garden (via Loft & Cottage), Southern Living, Rubyellen Bratcher, Famapa, Katherine Stanfield, Desire to Inspire (via Home Design), Remodelista

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