Gadgets Taking Over the World ... Or Your Junk Drawer

gadgetsDo you love gadgets? Are you a parent? If you answered yes to both of those, you're in the majority, as a study came out saying that 75% of American parents "rely on their mobile devices to help them accomplish things they need to do during the day, and keeping them charged is part of the daily to-do lists of 65 percent of parents."

That's huge!

Judging by the mad mommy blogger tweeting I saw last night at an event, I'm thinking they must be right. But I took a look around my handbag and it's surprisingly light of tech objects. Maybe I'm in the minority, or maybe it's just because all of my gadgets are sitting inside my desk or on a shelf -- not working properly.

In fact, I have an incredible number of gadgets in my home that I never, or rarely, use. So much so that I'm really annoyed. At either myself for not figuring them out, or at the company for making it difficult for someone (well) over 30 to use.

Here's where I need help:


The Flip

I love my Flip ... when I remember to charge it. However, it crashes my Mac when I try to upload videos so I have no idea where I'm going to store all of these brilliant moments I'm almost remembering to capture.

The Digital Photo Frame

Sadly, we just got this frame to work a few weeks ago after having it for almost a year. Also, it's stuck with only four photos that we're really sick of seeing because the software is again, not compatible with my Mac, and I cannot figure out how to upload anymore anyway.

Portable DVD Player

This thing rocked for multiple plane trips. Then we lost the charger, and apparently it's not a "universal" charger. At least two attempts at finding a charger later, we just sit here with it, not working, hoping a magic charger will land in our lap.

The Chumby

I had high hopes for The Chumby. You're just supposed to choose your favorite sites -- news, recipes, weather, music, etc. -- and this little guy keeps the entertainment flowing. Trouble is, after nearly a year I still haven't had time to program him. It's cute, though.

The iPod

I've gone through three iPods so I can safely say I use this one. However, since moving to a driving city, I use it a lot less. It was my go-to for subway rides whether listening to NPR downloads or my favorite tunes. Now it sits perched on top of iPod speakers that we oftentimes forget are even there. Once a week we give it a shot, but I can't even tell you the last time I uploaded more music to the little guy.

My BlackBerry

I have a smartphone that's pretty dumb. I'm pretty sure I pay for Internet usage (but haven't had time to check) but it never connects. Furthermore, unlike the other mommy bloggers, I can't Tweet. I can FB, I can make a call, but I can't Tweet. Also, my memory is so small, I can't take photos anymore either. It may not be broken, but it's badly hobbled.

My Digital Camera

I'm on my third one in less than two years because something always goes awry. The first one suddenly stopped focusing, the second one I got second-hand just seems to take crappy pictures, plus I could never figure out how to delete, and now I'm working with a new one that (fingers crossed) is so far, so good.

All of these things, working or not, still sit somewhere in my office, living room, and even kitchen. And all of these things have cords.

Which is why it's also not surprising that this study found that 68 percent of people who loved the tech felt frustrated by cord clutter.

What gadgets do you neglect?


Image via edwc/Flickr

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