Kate Spade Pop-Up Shop in London: Ooh, Aaah

kate spade pop up shop londonDesigner Kate Spade debuted her new shop in London's Covent Garden this past week, but it's not an ordinary retail store by any means.

Just as we saw Ralph Lauren take over an entire 18th-century city mansion in Paris and stock it with all his lovely wearables, Kate Spade opened the doors to a London shop in a multi-story Georgian townhome, which was styled like a colorful, drool-worthy Kate Spade dream home and stocked with Kate Spade designs.

The crazy part is Kate's exquisitely spiffed-up space is a pop-up shop, which by definition means it's temporary. The pop-up shop served as a sort of preview for a permanent Kate Spade retail space slated to open in London in Spring 2011, and closed yesterday.

But wait until you see inside. You won't believe anyone put so much delicious interior detail into anything so temporary. Get ready to say wow -- and to be hope-filled and inspired to spiff up your home.


Inside the Kate Spade London Pop-Up Shop Apartment:

kate spade pop up shop london

The exterior of the Kate Spade pop-up shop townhome.

kate spade fireplace books

Love the book-stocked fireplace and the black and white painted floral rug. I also feel inspired to pick up several round mirrors the next time I go thrifting.

kate spade pop up shop dining room

Who can get away with painting a bold yellow stripe in the middle of a wall and across all the decorative things in its way? Kate Spade can. Love it.

Kate Spade sofa buttons

Multicolored sofa buttons. Genius detail!

kate spade painting london

That bold floral painting. Yessss ...

kate spade pop up shop bedroom

The grass green "bedroom" in the pop-up shop. Handbags for sale!

green room kate spade

Do I spy a wallpaper-lined closet in the corner? I believe I do. Puh-retty!

kate spade pop up shop closet

Oh, a wardrobe full of Kate Spade goodies -- the closet of my dreams!

fireplace red room Kate Spade

Another great idea for an unused fireplace -- a mirrored cover! 

kate space striped staircase

This multicolored striped staircase is so totally awesome.

Ms. Kate, mind if I moved in since you're all done showing it off? Lots more lovely interior shots of the pop-up shop can be found on Bright Bazaar and Kate Spade.

What do you think of Kate Spade's interior detailing and styling? Inspired?


Image #8 via Fashionista, #5 and #10 via Bright Bazaar; all other images via Kate Spade


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