Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Still Roomies -- Weird or Not?

Mary-Kate and Ashley OlsenThe Olsen twins have been inseparable since, well, basically since they were conceived. Mary-Kate and Ashley always acted together, they run a fashion company together, and even though they're both millionaires, they still live together.

The tiny twins were recently spotted looking at a 3,000-square-foot, 4-bedroom, $18K/month rental on New York City's Upper West Side.

At the age of 24, I have to ask ... why don't they just get their own individual places?


As much as I love my sister and as awesome as she is, there's no way in hell I'd seriously live with her, except for under extreme circumstances (one of us needed a free place to crash for a few months, in-between moving, etc.).

Granted, I'm sure the apartments that the Olsen twins have shared have probably been equivalent to two separate living spaces. That makes the sibling-roommate situation a bit easier to swallow. No fighting over the bathroom, no stealing borrowing of clothes, no "barging in on boyfriend time" drama.

But still.

When you've been practically conjoined your entire life, how do you not get sick of each other? Oh right, if you do, you just take a private jet for a romantic beach getaway with your hot man candy.

So that's the secret of siblings who cohabit. Good to know. Needless to say, I won't be sharing an apartment with little sis anytime soon.

Have you ever lived with your sibling (outside of the home you grew up in)? Do you think it's odd that Mary-Kate and Ashley still live together?


Image via Splash News

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