Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Make Love Nest #47

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Brazil hotelRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart walk into a beautiful rental home. Suddenly, magic happens. Stars fall from the sky, blushing pigs fly, twigs mix with lusty love, and there's nothing anyone can do. A new love nest is born.

First, the Twilight couple moved into a secret "love nest" in Los Angeles. Then another love nest was created when they started filming Breaking Dawn in Louisiana and opted for their own private place in New Orleans. And here we see Rob and Kristen waving from the balcony of their "love nest" hotel in Brazil, where they're currently filming the next phase of Breaking Dawn. Seriously, every place the couple shacks up is suddenly deemed a "love nest" (I'm guilty myself of calling the first one a "love shack").

But after all these months of togetherness, haven't the "love nest" innuendos and the actual love nests gotten a tad less hot and heavy? They're not lovey dovey superhumans, after all. They just play lovey dovey superhumans on screen.


Really, media, I think we can stop with the "love nest" thing already.

I mean, Rob and Kristen are probably settling down a bit in the constant lustful romping department. It's quite possible even, on occasion, that Rob falls asleep on the couch or Kristen reads herself to sleep. So when do their residences get to be called just "homes" again? When do we finally stop fantasizing about all the "love" going on in their shared nest?

Are we stuck on using the words "love nest" just because we want to keep the false dream of a forever-intense Hollywood romance alive? Do we like to pretend the intense early months of a relationship never end if you're good looking and popular enough? Does forcing ourselves to imagine these two young thangs expressing wild love in every hotel room, apartment, and house they enter make us feel better about life somehow?

Well then, call it what you'd like. But I'm just saying that by now, Rob probably doesn't pick up his dirty socks and Kristen is peeing with the bathroom door open, okay? Still want to call it a love nest?

Is it just me or is the term "love nest" being overused in regard to Rob and Kristen?


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