What Your Email Signature Says About You

Email me heartA signature scent may be one you've worn for ages, and a signature look (like Gaga's) is always a classic. And while your favorite signature beverage may change with the seasons, some things stand the test of time.

Like that cornball signature on your email, for instance. Even when people delete it, it remains indelible on that great hard drive of the mind. You will forever be known as the person who signs your email like that.

That said, check out what your signature says about you to avoid being another just another oh-so-cliche ...



She's artsy and outgoing, and wants to be a little different then the norm. Constantly on the go, she's the type of mom that has a bubbly personality. Her signature actually makes you smile (although you may be embarrassed to admit it) and never seems too corny. The "cheers!" mom (note the exclamation point) has a positive vibe that you want to be around more often. Unless the "cheers!" comes after an email telling you that you're kicked out of book club. Then she's just a mean girl.


What, she doesn't have time to spell it out? For the unaware, "KIT," or keep in touch, is the busy mom's way of abbreviating that she wants to hear back from you. Your correspondence is not a one-time deal. Yes, she wants to update you on your kids' soccer championship next weekend and your plans for the vineyard trip in December. Whether or not she actually cares is another issue entirely.

"See ya hon"

I'll never understand the "Hon" vs. the "Hun." She's really friendly and apparently values your friendship enough to use terms of endearment rather than your actual name. That or she can't seem to remember it.

"Carpe Diem!"

The super involved and super happy mom that you sometimes want to punch in the face. Why are you so set on seizing the day? This mom constantly sends out chain emails. Sure, I respect your motivation -- but I just can't understand how this is suitable for standard email conversation.

"Gotta Run"

Whether or not this mom is actually on the go, her mind is. She's either very organized or a complete mess, and feels that by signing her emails at such a fast pace, she can finish one thing and move onto the next one. Often this closing comes after an incomplete thought or idea. Suggestion: make sure to follow up with the "gotta run" user via phone or email if there's something unfinished worth tackling.

"                    " (No signature)

No matter what type of mom this is, it comes off cold. Do you really not have the time to say "Talk to you soon" or "Best wishes"? The abrupt end to an email makes the reader feel unvalued, and unless this is in a continuous sequence of fast, short messages -- try to stray away from cutting off your message at the ankles.

So what's the best signature?

Well, make sure your signature is befitting to the situation and your audience. Writing a quick message to your boss? Stick to a sig that's more professional in nature, like "Best" or "Thanks," depending on the content.

Writing a message to a gal-pal or an old friend? Then feel free to be flirty and fun with your signature. Although you may be a "Carpe diem!" kind of gal, make sure that you're only using your enthusiasm when it's appropriate. Your best friend telling you that her long-term boyfriend ended things via text message is not the best time to tell her to take life by the reigns. Your best bet is to think twice: How would you feel if you were on the receiving end of your signature?

What's your email signature of choice? What are some of your signature pet peeves?


Image via idogcow/Flickr

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