Organizing Kids Artwork: A Lesson in Recycling?

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I'm up to my ears in my oldest son's art and schoolwork, and he's only in kindergarten! And my youngest has just started preschool!

I've been reading lots of great articles about displaying and storing kids' artwork, but seriously, Moms, isn't this just the perfect opportunity to teach our kids about Recycling?


Okay, maybe that sounded a bit insensitive. I have framed a few of Clyde's watercolors, and we keep lots of his best artwork in a big plastic art portfolio that slides under the bed—although I do like this eHow idea of using a plastic filebox to store artwork with a file folder for each year.

Unfortunately, I am still left with a giant stack.

Frankly, the keepsake ideas that really speak to me are the paperless, mostly storage-free ones like cyndi323's idea of scanning a few pieces and using the artwork as screensavers. Good one!

Along the same lines, this kids artwork organizing article at kiddio suggests scanning photos and putting them into book form each year. Oh yeah! I do love making books at Blurb. And this helps particularly with the large-scale projects or the ones with lots of sequins or macaroni noodles glued all about. kiddio also suggest giving some drawings and paintings away to loved ones and reusing others for new crafts or projects. I like!

This Kids Seasonal Artwork Calendar gift idea from Parent Hacks is another good one. You just scan your favorite seasonal projects, make a calendar at one of the various online photo gift sites like Shutterfly, and gift them to friends and family.

And if you're really brave like PaganEarthMama, you can get a tattoo of your child's artwork. That's pretty cute!

With the rest of the stack, well, I happily explain to Clyde, "We are going to recycyle these, so you and your brother and all the kids in the world can make lots more artwork in the future."

More ideas:

+++ What do you do with your stacks and stacks of kids' art and schoolwork?

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