5 Unconventional Headboards Anyone Can Make


door headboardI can’t remember the last time I had a real headboard -- I’ve been sporting the mattress/boxspring-on-aluminum-frame look for eons. It’s not very pretty. It needs a headboard.

Most headboards, while fine pieces of furniture, are just ... well, they lack some personality. If you want a more custom feel to your bed, making your own headboard is the way to go. Upholstery is one option -- it’s easy, materials are available, and it’s totally customizable. Doors are also frequent designer faves -- you can get a salvaged look or a clean, modern appearance for very little money.

But maybe you want something a little ... more. Do a little brainstorming and you’ll find that just about anything can be made into a headboard -- it just depends on what look you want.

Here are a few more unconventional headboard ideas, ranging from industrial to shabby chic.

headboardWall Decals
Perfect for the minimalist with a sense of humor as well as kids! Blik makes several different headboard decals -- some ultra-mod and some that mimic a traditional iron bed.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to Blik -- lots of companies and artists are creating decals these days, so you have tons of options.

And don’t limit yourself to just headboard decals either. Two arching trees framing the bed would be just as pretty (and easily accessorized with a pretty fabric canopy).




headboardSalvaged Windows
The possibilities are endless with windows! Use two or three frames, depending on the size of the bed -- and you may want to remove the glass completely or swap it for acrylic for safety’s sake.

Then just decide what you want -- seal the peeling paint and use as-is for a shabby chic look, using pretty floral fabrics in each pane. Refinish them for a sleeker look and replace the glass with mirrors. You could even use each pane as a place for a photograph or other piece of art. Etch the glass using a stencil or use stained glass paint to create even more looks.


headboardCanvas Art
The key here is to buy rather deep canvases from the craft store -- something more than an inch deep. This version uses vintage handkerchiefs for a very Anthropologie-boho feel. Check thrift stores or eBay for cheap-but-pretty hankies.

You could also use a particularly beautiful piece of paper or even graphic t-shirts.

For kids, wouldn’t it be fun to leave the canvases blank, with a cup of water-soluble crayons by the bed? 


I adore this idea. See if you can score one of those big vintage schoolhouse chalkboards at a flea market or salvage yard. You can also buy them on eBay, but watch for shipping charges! Otherwise, just look for a regular board -- they are often still sold in school supply stores.

Two other options: buy a bunch of smaller wooden framed slates and attach them all; and chalkboard paint! If you use paint, you can determine the size and shape of your headboard. However you do it, the absolute best part is getting to draw on it!


headboardCorrugated Metal
There are so many possibilities here! Use salvaged metal for a distressed look or buy it new for the shiny metallic option.

Either kind can be cut to whatever shape you want -- a slightly ornate cut is a really nice juxtaposition to the material. But you could go with a very hard, linear shape -- even just a rectangle -- for a more modern, slightly masculine feel. Experiment with different finishes, patinas, and cut-outs for more options.


What kind of headboard do you have? Did you make it yourself?


Images via I Am Momma, Blik, Better Homes & Gardens, Apartment Therapy, Abby and Adam

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