16 Thanksgiving Table Settings From Hell

crazy gold Thanksgiving table

If you have the entertaining insanity gene (you know the one where you go insane the minute you find out people are coming over), then get out a small brown bag and start breathing into it -- Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Deep breaths, in and out, in and out.

Of course, if you do go a little insane and start carving everyone's initials into tiny gourds for the table, rest easy. People lose their minds in a lot worse ways on this big holiday. From atrocious centerpieces to ludicrous table decorations, there are lots of ways to fail big with your Thanksgiving table setting. And that's okay. Fear of failure is no reason not to try. Or is it?

Check out these Thanksgiving table setting fails and let us know.


Do you plan to decorate for Thanksgiving, and if so, how? 

Images via HGTV

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