Speidi Goes Bankrupt -- Uh, Which Reality Stars Haven’t?

Spencer PrattSpencer and Heidi may not have a talent for singing or acting, but they sure do have one for blowing money.

They blew through $10 million. I don't care who you are, that truly does take talent. In September, they moved into Spencer's mom's beach house, but even saving money on rent didn't help matters. They have officially filed for bankruptcy, owing over $2 million in taxes.

But what else can you expect when you spend $500,000 on crystals, $3 million on a flopped album (there's a reason why no one would sign you, Heidi), and hundreds of thousands on plastic surgery?

But they're not the only reality stars to have gotten caught up in their 15 minutes of fame:


Lisa Wu + Ed Hartwell
One of the Atlanta Housewives from Season 1, Lisa had to file for bankruptcy after a bad business investment in the movie Blackball and lost her mansion last year.

Teresa + Joe Giudice
This New Jersey Housewife spent her millions on fertility treatments, three mortgages, and an over-the-top lavish lifestyle for her family.

Michaele + Tareq Salahi
Also known as the White House Crashers, the couple from The Real Housewives of D.C. has been dealing with financial issues while they rub elbows with politicians. They recently got smacked with a $15,000 lawsuit for unpaid PR firm fees. In 2004, their Aston Martin worth $150,000 and a $90,000 boat were repossessed.

Kate Gosselin - Jon Gosselin
After their ugly divorce, Kate cried during a live interview saying that she could barely make ends meet with her eight kids.

Do you feel sorry for any of these reality stars who have to file for bankruptcy?


Image via MTV.com

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