One Way Ticket to Mars: What Do You Pack?

living on mars
Your New Home?
If you think real estate is getting way too expensive in these parts and are worried about exhausting all of our national resources and the coming clone wars, you may be interested in a one-way ticket to Mars.

Two professors, Paul Davis of Arizona State University and Dirk Schulze-Makuch of Washington State University, are proposing we do just that: Colonize Mars with no intention of ever coming back.

While a two-way trip to Mars is astronomically (tee-hee) expensive, the professors say realistically, money could be raised to send two to four people to Mars sooner rather than later, if they would agree to stay put and die on the red planet.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up? And most importantly, what should I pack?


Okay, not really. I have zero desire to leave my friends and family behind and die in the name of science. But a lot of people do, and Davis and Schulze-Makuch don't think they'll have any shortage of volunteers, even with the strict requirements of applicants being healthy, over the age of 60, having a useful skill helpful with the colonization (engineering, medical), and an understanding that your life span will probably not be more than 10 years under the conditions of Mars.

Not unlike the idea of your house being on fire, it made me wonder what one comfort of home I would want to have if I did decide to be shot into space. Assuming I will already be fully wired, I can leave the computer and technology business to the scientists. This would also allow for Skype, family photos (which would be the first grab in a fire), and memories of home.

So that would leave me wanting my coffee maker. It's the one thing I use every day (besides my computer) and could probably not live without. I would also opt for my French Press in the case of power outages. (I know, then how does the water get hot? I would hope the colonizers would figure that one out, and even cold, weak coffee is better than nothing.)

If you did decide to take a hike to Mars and could bring one thing from your home (not living), what would it be?


Image via jasonb42882/Flickr

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