Harry Potter Owl Spells DOOM for Pet Owners

owlFolks over in India have a newfound fondness for owls thanks to the Harry Potter series. A large number of wild owl disappearances have been reported -- apparently, they're wanting their very own pet Hedwig to fly messages to their friends.

I'll be the first to admit that owls are pretty darn cute, but so are lions, and you don't see people keeping them as pets, do you?

In fact, our feathery friends actually make really, really bad pets. Other than being illegal, that is. But if you need more reasoning beyond the law, read the following six about why owls shouldn't be pets and then tell me if you still want one.

  1. They don't like change. Any disruption to their normal, daily routine causes a huge amount of stress for them.
  2. You can't take the owl with you when you go on vacation (you know, because of the whole illegal thing), but you also can't rely on someone to take care of it while you're away. They imprint onto the one human that feeds them -- they will not respond to a stranger.
  3. Those fluffy feathers are hiding killer talons, and they will use them. Not only could they potentially rip your face off, but they will use their instincts on blankets, stuffed animals, pillows -- anything that can be shredded. And forget about your wood furniture.
  4. They're nocturnal, so lots of hooting at night.
  5. They're high maintenance. You seriously need to know your owl 101 if you want to keep one. They require special feeding, cleaning, and attention. And by feeding, I'm not talking about your regular ol' bird feed. They're carnivores, so think mice.
  6. They don't have the reputation for being wise in cartoons for nothing. Owls live a long time, some up to 30 years, so be prepared for a long-term commitment.

Think you could handle raising an owl?


Image via Hans S/Flickr

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