IKEA Gets Cheaper: How Is This Possible?

down comforter
Down Comforter, $30 less than last year
The ever-affordable and stylish IKEA is cutting prices on some of its big-ticket and other popular items. How is this possible? I already get some of my most inexpensive (and decent quality) home goods there. I mean, lots of great-looking stuff at really good prices. Cheaper? How?

Find out how IKEA is taking prices lower and also get a load of a few of the lower priced items after the jump.


Mikael Ohlsson, IKEA's global CEO, has noticed some changes in the typical IKEA shopper in recent years. Once pegged as the starving college students' store, now IKEA shoppers include working families and even extended families living under one roof. So Ohlsson is keeping them in mind when he looks for ways to reduce costs.

Since taking over in 2009, Ohlsson has further consolidated packaging to greatly decrease freight costs and the effects extra fossil fuels have on the environment. He also plans to move more manufacturing to the U.S., now IKEA's second largest market after Germany, for more efficient distribution. The first U.S. factory opened two years ago in Virginia.

Wow, all that and still stylish to boot. I'm completely impressed (can he come run California, please?).

5 New Lower Priced Items at IKEA

I chose to show you several more functional items but IKEA has slashed prices on lots of decorative items in its stores, too.

Shown above: MYSA STRÅ Down Comforter - Full/Queen (last year $99.99; this year $69.99)

HOVÅS Sofa ikeaHOVÅS Sofa (last year $899; this year $699)

pax wardrobe ikeaPAX Wardrobe With Sliding Doors (last year $700; this year $549)

hemnes wardrobeHEMNES Wardrobe (last year $399; this year $299) 

twin mattress ikea
Twin mattress, pictured
SULTAN HARESTUA Spring Mattress - Queen (last year $249; this year $179)

Wow, these are fantastic deals. There are lots more of IKEA's new lower prices, too.

Are you an IKEA shopper? If so, what's the best deal you've found there?


Images via IKEA

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