Bring the Rustic Chic Trend to Your Thanksgiving Table

thanksgiving decorThere are some classic items I use every year at Thanksgiving -- my grandmother’s rustic mixing bowl becomes home to a pile of decorative gourds, and certain pieces of artwork always make an appearance.

Outside of those few things, it’s fun to change up the decorations each year. But there’s a fine line between updating the decor each year and losing what makes the holiday feel so quintessentially ... Thanksgiving.

This year, the trends in Turkey Day decorating accomplish just that. A fresh, clean look that still hearkens back to the rustic roots of Thanksgiving, and takes all the colors and textures of the season into account.

Here’s a peek at what’s trending this Thanksgiving.


thanksgiving decorTheme & Color
More than ever this year, decor and tableware are both leaning towards a chic rustic look, emphasizing natural elements and elevating them in new ways. The look stays away from a country style, and equally far away from the uber-formal Thanksgivings of years past.

Muted autumnal hues are in this fall -- as opposed to the bright reds, yellows, and oranges that we’ve seen in the past. Think the skin of a butternut squash, dusty green of sage or bay leaves, muted mustards, and hints of cranberry.

thanksgiving decorMaterials
This year is all about the natural elements of autumn, as opposed to a harvest look with cornucopias and wheat. Designers are using lots of pine cones, leaves, and acorns -- and not always in their natural state. Pine cone-shaped candles, gilded leaf prints on plain white plates, and porcelain leaf ornaments are all being used to accent the Thanksgiving table. There is one traditional component that is still in, in a big way: Indian corn. But it’s being used in an updated manner: in huge sweeping wreaths, as vase filler, and even to wrap candles.

Wood is also big this year, from table to place mat. Farmhouse-style dark wood tables with minimal covering -- except the most important, the food! Serving trays are simple wood slabs, birch bark encases candles, and the lowly bamboo place mat is given an update by using finished wood tiles woven together.

thanksgiving decorTabletop

Simple reigns supreme! Plain white dishes with minimal decoration and plain glassware are gracing Thanksgiving tables this year. Small accents are added -- a silver rim or simple etching to the glasses, for instance. Leaves on plates are popular, too -- whether you gold-leaf an image onto a white plate or decoupage a pretty maple to the bottom of a clear glass plate. Linens range from a table cloth with leaf motif to very simple table runners, all in natural materials like cotton and linen.

thanksgiving decorDecorations
Wreaths are huge, as always. The difference now is this season’s wreaths are simple, using just one or two materials (such as pine cones or mixed grasses). No ribbons to wrangle here! And again -- anything natural is in. A galvanized bucket full or winterberry stems, a garland of faux leaves, vases filled with cranberries, and, of course, lots and lots of candles.




Images (top to bottom) Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate & Barrel

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