Boo the Facebook Dog: Cutest Pup Ever!!!

BooBoo, an adorable Pomeranian (the general consensus of his breed from the thousands of comments), has been taking Facebook feeds by storm.

This has to be the most hilarious-looking dog I've ever seen in my life. Just look at that face!

Wouldn't you love to have Boo stay at your house for the day? I have no idea how a puppy that tiny can have that large of a forehead.

If you haven't yet been introduced to this cuddly fluff of a pup, consider yourself warned: You'll be checking out Boo's Facebook page and wasting hours scrolling through all the photos and videos his loving owner has graced us with.

If you're unwilling to waste that much time quite yet, you can check out a few more photos and adorable videos of cute Boo showing off his massive IQ, belly rubbing skills, and spinning moves ...



Here's what Boo the dog dressed up as for Halloween, with this glorious insight: "I am told that I need to wear the same costume every year until I outgrow it. I think I will try to eat more."



Boo hanging out with his crew. Gotta love the mutual head tilt.



Boo getting excited for Christmastime. With his new Internet fame, I'm sure he's expecting a lot of treats to come down the chimney this year. At least he values tidiness and wears a bib when he eats.



Boo and friend celebrating his fourth birthday. Pretty good turnout in terms of gifts, don't you think? Dogs can never have too many "Good Dog" treats.



Clearly Boo likes to scratch himself in private. Look at him stare you down with those glare-y eyes. Yeesh, can't a puppy get away from the paparazzi for just one minute, people?



I seriously have no idea how his spinal cord can support the size of his head. Definitely part of Boo's never-ending charm. And those paws! Those ears! Puppies are always adorable, but puppies that are sleeping soundly are doubly so.



I don't know where you get one, but I want one. He'll even play hide-and-seek with you.

So here's Boo rubbing his belly on the carpet, because all dogs love doing that. But when Boo does it, it's just that much cuter.

Here's Boo showing off how smart he is. Clearly he believes his looks will get him anywhere he needs to go in this world. It's been working out for him so far!

And, for the finale, the video that my friends and I just can't stop playing over and over and over again. Though it's probably a very wise investment for the owner to get some carpet cleaner.

Is Boo the cutest or weirdest dog you've ever seen?


Images and videos via Facebook

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