Best Family Tree Display Ever -- Using Wall Decals!

family treeWall decals have been hot in the design world for a while now -- and for good reason. For not a lot of money and almost no work, we can all have an amazing pop of color, graphic, or centerpiece -- and they're removable!

I started noticing that some people were doing really nice large tree decals for the wall ... which got me thinking about the hallway full of family photos, old and new.

Lightning struck!

Why not use a really nice tree decal and my photos to create a totally unique family tree?


family treeStep 1: Pick the decal.
There are tons of decal options out there these days -- some even have little pre-made spots for your photos! Pick one that runs floor to ceiling for an ultra-dramatic statement. Or, pick a smaller one -- there are some that will fit right over your mantel. Depending on the shape you pick, you could buy two decals that are arching or leaning trees, and then apply them on either side of the sofa or entertainment center, so that they meet in the middle. Make sure to choose a decal that has branches that you can use to hold your photos

Step 2: Pick the photos.
Of course, a true family tree will have one photo of each family member. Gather photos of your immediate family, but also grandparents and great-grandparents if you have them. Uncles, aunts, and cousins could all be included if you like. Make copies of the photos so that they're all the same size, unless you want one or two to really stand out. You might want to turn all your photos black and white to create a sense of unity throughout the tree.

family treeStep 3: Pick the frames.

This part is really fun. Just as there are tree decals for your wall, there are also frame decals that will hold your photo on the family tree. If you go with traditional frames, make sure they are all the same frame, or at least the same color, to avoid a cluttered look. The design of your tree decal will help dictate what style of frame to pick: an ornate tree calls for an uncomplicated frame with clean lines; a more simple tree can handle the extra detail in more ornate frames.

Now all you have to do is assemble the family tree. Adhere the wall decal according to its directions, then decide where you want to hang each picture. Reference a traditional family tree if you're a stickler for getting the order and placement right. Once your pictures are hung, sit back and enjoy your handiwork!


Images (top to bottom) via The Clay Family Blog, Wall Decors, Photo Jojo

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