Trashiest Neighbor Offense Ever: Can You Top This?

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Unfortunately, there's only so much a homeowner without a neighborhood association can do about a neighborhood eyesore. You can report an eyesore to your city's code enforcement, but not every distasteful or trashy homeowner choice -- specifically the aesthetically displeasing ones that don't impact health or safety -- is in violation. There always seems to be a homeowner who makes a horrific mess of your neighborhood in a way that slides right under the city code radar.

For instance, I now live in a lovely 1920s suburb full of older homes with lots of charm. Lots of charm and maybe the worst neighbor offense ever -- yapping, pooping roof dogs. That's right (photos after the break).


It was bad enough that someone was allowed to buy an empty lot, build an atrocity of a big box home, and place out an array of hideous lawn and porch ornaments. But then, assumably because they built a house so dang big that they have no backyard, the homeowners installed a roof-access doggie door for their two dogs! That's right, the dogs are supposed to use the front porch overhang like their backyard and bark and poop up there to their heart's content and to their neighbors' discontent.

Shhh, I had to take these photos from behind a bush across the street, but you get the idea.

dogs roof house

These pooches tear out of their doggie door to bark at passersby all day long and do you see the poo piles? Not so lucky for us neighbors, all this hillbilly nonsense is in plain view from the street. The lovely tree-lined street. Ugh.

I'm really thankful I don't live on the same block or next door to this monstrous barking poo-speckled eyesore. How hideous to look out your window and see this. And what if you were trying, in these tough times, to sell the house next door to this malarkey or maybe, even worse, across the street (the view you see right here)?

As my family and I walk by this house every evening and get barked at (I'm just waiting for one of those dogs to leap off at us), I try to think of worse neighborhood eyesores, like grossly overgrown or dead yards, mattresses on the sides of houses, junk cars on the lawn, dilapidated, boarded-up foreclosure homes, hoarder homes, meth labs, and so on. But nope, nothing that comes to my mind seems to be able to top our neighborhood's roof dogs.

Can you top this? What's the worst neighborhood eyesore in your neighborhood?


Top image via Twig73010/Flickr


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