Grow Tomatoes in the Winter? Oh Yes!

indoor gardenThere’s no reason to leave summer behind completely once cold weather sets in. And, no reason to abandon those fantastic fresh tastes and smells until the snow clears.

Although you’ve already brought in the ferns and other houseplants, make a little room on your window sill for another planter or two. In these few planters you can re-create enough of your summer garden to banish the winter blues all season.

All you need are planters, potting soil, and whichever plants catch your fancy -- even tomatoes!


I like to plant (or transplant from the garden) herbs, especially culinary herbs that I can use in the kitchen throughout the winter. Basil, oregano, thyme, and rosemary are top choices, as you’ll use them most often in your winter cooking. But feel free to plant parsley, cilantro, and chives as well. These can be dug out of your outdoor garden if they're still doing well -- otherwise consider planting from seed.

Lavender is always wonderful to have indoors. If you have a plant in your garden, try taking some cuttings to root indoors -- you’ll have plants to enjoy throughout the winter and new starts to plant outside in the spring. And nothing beats being able to cut fresh lavender sprigs to run with a hot bath.

You can even grow tomatoes during the winter, as long as you have the space for a pot. At this time of year, you may have to start them from seed, but if you start soon, you’ll have fresh, sweet cherry tomatoes by the new year. Combine those with your basil and it will feel like winter never existed!


Image via CC Harmon

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