A Stray Cat Village Nicer Than Most People's Homes

caboodle ranchMy neighbors made a habit of feeding the stray cats in the neighborhood, as well as allowing them to live (and breed profusely) in a shed in their backyard. It drove me crazy!

But they’ve got nothing on this guy.

Craig Grant ended up with a cat he didn’t want and really didn’t like when his neighbor moved away, leaving little Pepper behind. Only little Pepper wasn’t that little -- she was pregnant. And suddenly Craig had a whole litter of cats he didn’t really want. But he cared for them all, in his small two-bedroom condo.

When one cat was shot with a B.B. gun and another bitten by a dog set loose by its owner, Craig decided it was time to either get rid of the cats or find another solution.


To his credit, Craig was unwilling to abandon the cats -- the same ones he once disliked! He was so unwilling that he built a shed in his son’s backyard. And lived there, with the cats!

Clearly this wasn’t much of a solution -- who wants to be the crazy old cat man living in your kid’s backyard?

So, over a 6-month period, Craig bought 25 acres of land -- and continued to collect cats. The cat village started with just a trailer that had a pet door and padded shelves for everyone -- meaning the cats. Kooky Craig moved in later.

caboodle ranchSlowly it turned into Caboodle Ranch, a permanent sanctuary for these cats, and the many others that Craig continues to rescue. And things have changed a lot since those first trailer days. The cats now have a village to call their own, complete with little houses, a guard gate, and waterfront “chalets.” (Incidentally, Craig continues to live in a tiny, sparse cabin that he built when he first bought the property.)

Author Dan Greenburg pretty well sums it up: “There is, incidentally, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person."

What do you think of the ranch? Is Craig crazy for giving his life to the cats?


Images via Caboodle Ranch

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