Cleaning Up Hellish Halloween Pranks

TP'dHopefully you didn't wake up to rolls of toilet paper hanging from your trees. Or eggs smashed on your front door. Or even silly string on your car.

Damn teenagers.

But if you were an unlucky target of some Halloween mischief makers, here are solutions for cleaning up the most popular Halloween pranks:


Toilet Paper: If your house got TP'd, make sure you clean it up before it rains (if it hasn't already ... clear skies forecasted here in the Northeast). It's so much harder to remove if the paper is all mushy. Take a long object, such as a broom or yardstick and wrap duct tape, sticky side out, around it. Using a ladder if need be to reach heights, capture and remove all of the pieces. If Mother Nature was cruel, or if those pranksters were a super pain in the ass and threw wet toilet paper into the trees, your best bet is to try and knock it out of the tree with a broom, as it wet paper wont' stick to the tape.

Eggs: Unless there's a cloud looming over your home, ready to downpour, you need to tackle any egging damages first. The eggs can corrode painted surfaces, within hours even, especially if it's warm outside. First pick out the shells so you don't further scratch the surface, and then hose it off with water. For those stubborn pieces, soak a towel in 50/50 water and vinegar solution and cover the spot for 15-20 minutes, then remove and wipe. Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion also does the trick, just rub it on until it dissolves and rinse. For siding, mix a teaspoon of enzyme-based detergent in a cup of warm water. Apply with a soft brush and scrub gently

Silly String on Your Car: Aerosol silly string can adhere to the painted surface, so don't pick at it with your nails or other sharp objects if it's already hardened. Spray down the car and then use a cotton ball to remove any remaining string.

Soaped-Up Windows: They may be pranksters, but they're the angels of pranksters if they did this. Simply spray down with a hose.

Has your home ever been attacked on Halloween night?


Image via damage_chopsticks/Flickr

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