Halloween & Toilet Paper: 5 Pranks You Wish You Pulled

toilet paper halloween

Once you hit a certain age, you become more concerned about whether or not someone will toilet paper your house rather than who you're going to target (and how you can do it without getting caught). But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy marveling over other people's bad luck on November 1.

Come Monday morning there will be a lot more examples on Flickr of some spectacular toilet papering. But these tp'd neighborhoods are inspiring us today.

If you still have it in you, stock up on your Charmin -- Halloween comes but once a year!






toilet paper halloween

Another shot of the carnage in the first photo, these tp'ers were nothing if not thorough. And this guy has to clean it up.

toilet paper halloweenI like to call this one 'The New Englander.' These pranksters had perfect conditions to create a suburban work of ironic art.

toilet paper halloweenDo you think the perpetrators were Seniors? Hmmm.

toilet paper halloweenEqual opportunity tp'ers, this gang actually chose to accent the home in a manner pleasing to the eye. Interesting approach.

Which is your favorite tp'd house?


Images (top to bottom): phil schatz/Flickr phil schatz/Flickr, stevendepolo/Flickr, Andreanna Moya Photography/Flickr, Sister72/Flickr

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