Kelly Clarkson Home Tour: Help Me, I’m Getting Dizzy!

Kelly Clarkson homeAmerican Idol alum Kelly Clarkson recently put her humble Nashville home on the market (humble compared to most celebrities' homes -- it's definitely not a McMansion) for $1.4 million.

She's had quite the paint job done to this 5-bedroom, 5-bath house located in the prestigious Belle Meade neighborhood. Seriously, there's like 50 million colors on these walls (okay, so I'm exaggerating, but the many multiple colors do make me feel like I just walked into Bob Marley's daydream).


Kelly Clarkson home
Color #1 -- Burgundy: The living room looks like it's right out of a show house, with the dark stained hardwood flooring and burgundy walls.

Kelly Clarkson home

Color #2 -- Lime Green: The odd-shape of this dining room makes it difficult to house much furniture, so I guess she did the next best (sorta?) thing and put an unexpected color on the wall.

Kelly Clarkson home

Color #3 -- Burnt Orange: I admit that I love this burnt orange color. It makes her white china collection pop and makes those forest green cabinets look more like a neutral cabinet color than the nontraditional color that they are. The neighboring yellow mustard however -- not so much.

Kelly Clarkson home

Color #4 -- Mustard Yellow: Here's a better photo of the yellow room. Looks good on its own, but clashes with the kitchen's orange.

Kelly Clarkson home

Color #5 -- Forest Green: Like I said, the wall color is harmonious with the green and I'm loving the brick backsplash. Very earthy.

Kelly Clarkson home

Color #6 -- Aqua: Aqua equals serenity, and why wouldn't you want a serene bedroom?

I guess Kelly's real estate agent didn't clue her in that having that many different types of colors on the walls might be a turn-off for buyers. But, she is Kelly Clarkson, so maybe she's just banking on that card.

How many different colors of paint do you have on your walls throughout your home?


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