Dirt Hides Before Your Eyes: What Lurks in Your Home?

dirty window red panesI hate to be the one to break it to you, but there is dirt hiding in your home right before your very eyes. This is not the everyday dirt you already know you're up against when you do your housecleaning. This is dirt that builds up over time but keeps a pretty low profile -- at least to the naked eye. The good news is it's the kind of dirt that once eradicated can make a world of difference in your home.

Come on, let's talk about the places in your home that might look clean enough but actually aren't. Let some of those sneaky places where dirt can hide be revealed.


7 Spots in Your Home That Dirt Hides Before Your Eyes

  1. Bathroom mirror. It's not aging. It's a dirty bathroom mirror. Clean that thing and look your best.
  2. Furnace filters. All kinds of dust and dirt can build up on furnace filters and prevent the heat (or air) from working efficiently. Open up the outer vent, which usually looks just fine, and reveal the horrors beneath. Vacuum the filter or replace them seasonally if they're really bad.
  3. Windows. They seem clean. I mean, you can see out, right? Wrong. If you haven't cleaned them in a year (or more), there's at least one layer of dirt on the glass that's clouding your view. Especially in the fall and winter, you want to let the sun and its warmth shine in.
  4. Ceiling fan blades. Turn off your ceiling fan and look up. See those fuzzy edges creeping out around the blade edges? Yeah, that's bionic dirt. It can jump on and hold on even if you keep the fan going most the year.
  5. Shower curtains. Your shower liner does not lie. Mold and dirt and soap build-up show right up. However, your decorative curtain holds dust and mildew too. Wash your pretty curtain at least every other time you wash you shower liner.
  6. Top of the fridge. Whether you have cereal boxes stacked up there or not, there's surely a ton of dust. Just drag a finger across the top and you'll see.
  7. Vacuum bin. Okay, we know it's supposed to look dirty in there, but how dirty is too dirty? Your vacuum will lose suction and efficiency when the bin (or bag) is more than half full. Empty the bin and rinse with warm water once vacuuming your house fills it to the halfway point.

Where have you found dirt hiding that surprised you?


Image via Pink Sherbert Photography/Flickr


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