Moms Revolt: Keep the Tubes in Toilet Paper!

toilet paper roll townStarting next week, Scott Naturals will begin selling tube-free toilet paper in Walmarts and Sam's Clubs across the Northeast. If it's successful, it'll expand across the nation and ultimately the world. Don't worry, they'll have some magic force holding your toilet paper together in a cylindrical form.

And if the tube-free toilet paper is successful, they may even try tube-free paper towels.

They're hoping to cut down on their carbon footprint since 17 billion of the tubes are produced annually in the United States, accounting for 160 million pounds of trash, blah blah blah. 

But now what are we supposed to use to make homemade binoculars?


Toilet paper tubes rank right up there with cardboard boxes as the most exciting toys for kids, as far as I'm concerned. Oh the possibilities that the tube holds -- a pirate with his telescope, a prince with his mighty sword -- imaginations run wild with these things. I remember running down the hall using my cardboard tubes (or what I called "der der derrrs" ... yes, I was an odd kid) as megaphones. Forget Barbie, give me cardboard any day.

Not to mention, a whole slew of craft projects will be nixed if it goes extinct. Does this mean we'll actually have to go out and buy craft supplies to send to schools instead of hoarding our tubes? What will become of the cardboard tube animals with googly eyes, the castles, the colorful totem poles ... ?

I get that it's important to save the planet -- after all we want our children and grandchildren to have a planet to live on -- but I'm pretty sure cardboard tubes aren't going to ruin it, and if there was even the possibility that they could, ask a kid if they want a planet or a toilet paper tube. I bet they'll choose the tube.

What are your thoughts on tube-free toilet paper? Is the smaller carbon footprint worth it?

Image via BobbyProm/Flickr

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