Chic and Sophisticated Wallpapers -- For Kids!

Have you noticed all the sophisticated wallpapers -- geared toward children's spaces -- that are popping up all over the place? I'm definitely enjoying the trend.

The one featured above is called Pet Sounds and it's designed by Mini Moderns. It would be perfect in our family room where my kids practice their music (guitar, trombone, and piano). It's available in a taupe-y color as well.

Below, I showcase some of the best designs I've spotted.


Major Tom by Princes & Crows

I love this! It features famous constellations drawn as images, with Major Tom the astronaut floating in the middle.

C-60 from Mini-Moderns

Remember cassette tapes? I wonder if my kids have ever seen one. I wonder if they would know what it was if they did?

F & P wallpapers and fabrics featuring illustrations by Quentin Blake

I adore Quentin Blake! You might recognize his work because he collaborated with Dr. Suess on lots of projects. His illustrations also grace many of the Roald Dahl book covers. My personal favorite is Great Day for Up. F & P offers many styles featuring his drawings.


Cricket by Turner Pocock Cazalet

It's so simple and subtle, you wouldn't necessarily even know it's a cricket paddle. It's available in several colors and I adore it.

What about you? Do you have wallpaper in your home? Would you use wallpaper in a children's space?

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