Zipper Bed: Cool, Modern Design or Torture Chamber?

zipper bed

The Zip Bed is a cool and innovative bed you don't even have to make in the morning. You can just climb out, zip it closed, and head off to the kitchen for coffee. All done! How awesome is that?

So awesome that it gives me nightmares ...


Zip open the ultra-modern Zip Bed by Florida Smart Italian Design to reveal a comforter, sheets, pillows, and an all-around cozy bed. In the morning, just zip it up and go. Throughout the day, you'll enjoy the bed's neat and tidy appearance, soft, curved upholstered lines, and irresistible minimalist design. Three lovely exterior and 13 interior colors from which to choose! I'm definitely impressed by the cool design here and the clutter-free look of the bed when it's all zipped up. BUT, this bed also invokes in me a feeling of, well, sheer terror.

I know it's probably irrational; however, when I look at this bed, I am succumb by the fear of being sealed into my bed alive. Are you with me on this? A deranged stranger sneaks into the house in the dark of night, and, no, doesn't burgle our home or bludgeon me to death, but instead silently zips me into and then leaves me to die a slow death inside my mod bed. One zzzzzziiiiiiiiiiippppp, and I'm dead.

I know the bed is designed to invoke a sweet nest or cocoon, but ack! It's inducing heart palpitations instead. Help! I'm being zipped up alive! Help!

zipper bed red

zipper bed

Would you like to own the Zip Bed? Why or why not?


Images via Florida Smart Italian Design (via Trendir)

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