Still No Pumpkin? Make an Un-Pumpkin!

pumpkin This year no-carve pumpkins are huge -- with good reason (slimy insides, no thank you!). But people are also branching out into pumpkins that aren’t even pumpkins at all, made from fabric, wire, and sometimes even toilet paper!

I don’t think I could give up my jack-o'-lantern on the porch, but I love some of these ideas just for the fact that they can go anywhere in my house. Plus, they won't rot and can be stowed away for next year.


halloween decorHoop Pumpkin -- This is one of my favorites, because once you build the frame, you can do just about anything. Just glue together wooden embroidery hoops from the craft store, and spray paint them black or orange. This one has a pretty bead garland draped around the inside, but you could also use fall leaves from the floral section. Add colored wire to form a corral and you could even fill it with ornamental glass balls.

pumpkinToilet Paper Pumpkin -- Perhaps the quickest and easiest unpumpkin, all you need is a roll of toilet paper, a large square of fabric, and a twig from the yard. Place the roll in the center of the fabric, then simply draw up the edges and tuck them inside the roll. Add your twig for the stem, and accessorize with floral wire and real or faux leaves. (And in two months when you need an emergency roll of TP, you'll know where to look!)

halloween decorSweater Pumpkin -- This is perfect because it's completely no-sew, which is always a requirement for me. Break out the sweaters that are headed to Goodwill -- or head to Goodwill to get the sweaters and you can have your pick of colors. Cut only the portion from the armpits to the hem, and after turning it inside out, use a rubber band to gather your cut end. Turn it right side out and you're ready to stuff (use paper or plastic bags for the ultimate budget-saver). Then you just tie the top with a decorative ribbon or bit of twine -- add a stem and leaves if you like.

halloween decorPaper Pumpkins -- Pick your favorite decorative papers: use orange for a traditional look, or a patterned black paper for a mod twist. After cutting the papers into strips, attach them with brads at each end (make sure half your paper is facing one way and half the other). Now you can start spreading the strips out, crunching everything down into the pumpkin shape as you go. Attach your stem with a bit of glue and add swirls of wire for the pumpkin vine.

halloween decorDryer Duct Pumpkin -- Made out of ordinary aluminum dryer duct from the hardware store, this is one of the most creative un-pumpkins around. Simply cut your duct to the appropriate size; you want to be able to fold it enough to glue the ends together, but not so big that you have a giant hole in the center. Once cut, tuck one end inside the other and glue. All that's left is spray painting and decorating!


Images (top to bottom) via Whipperberry, Minor Imperfections by Kat, Chocolate on My Cranium, Make Mine Lime, My Crafty Moments

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