Halloween Centerpieces -- From Scary to Sophisticated

halloween decorEvery great Halloween party needs a fantastic centerpiece, even if you aren’t serving dinner.

Place your eye-catching display down the center of your dining table surrounded by the night’s buffet. Or create smaller centerpieces to go on a series of tables around your room, including your coffee table.

Depending on your personal style, you can tailor your tablescape to match. You can go way over the top, with skeletons, lights, creepy crawlies and specimen jars. Or you can opt for something a little brighter and lighter -- it's all personal preference.

Read on for ideas to match every style.


halloween decorCute & Fun -- Cover tin cans with cute scrapbooking paper -- orange polkadots, black and white stripes and the odd Halloween paper for a clean, colorful look. The cans can then be used as votive holders or vases to hold orange, white or black flowers -- you can even paint faux flowers to match your scheme. Cover bottles of orange soda with black “Poison” labels and arrange in groups around the table. Use pretty Halloween ribbon to tie napkins and don’t forget to include a spider friend! The key to this look is keeping everything light and colorful, rather than dark. Arrange your elements however you wish -- on a cakestand or lined up down the length of your table.

halloween decorGothic Elegance --
Think antique silver plate bowls and vases to hold black, purple and burgundy flowers. Succulents make a nice addition and contrast in these arrangements. Add a large platter as a candleholder, with plums, blackberries and concord grapes surrounding the candles.Trim your cakestands in black lace and mirror the texture by wrapping clear glass hurricanes in the lace before dropping in the candles. Buy cheap wooden candlesticks and finish them in an antiqued silver (silver spray paint rubbed with a bit of black acrylic will do the trick). Use them for both candles and glittered skulls or even white pumpkins. Strategically placed creepy-crawlies like centipedes around the display. Purchase black cloth with silver threads to cover your tables, adding ribbon, strands of beads and even tulle as befits your arrangement.

halloween decorSuper Simple - If you aren’t all gaga for Halloween, but still want to show a little seasonal spirit, just go simple. A black and white table runner is clean and easy. Make use of apothocary jars and large glass hurricanes to bring in the Halloween. Fill the jars with gilded or glittered mini pumpkins (or paint them in a high gloss paint for added impact). Use some of the hurricanes to light large pillar candles, nestled in black beans or lentils. Stamping ink will wash right off of most glass, so feel free to stamp on a few spiders -- or go all the way and use a glittery black paint to add spiderwebs or pretty swirls. Other hurricanes can be filled with black glittered branches, either from your yard or the craft store.

halloween decorOver the Top -
If you are an over the top kind of person when it comes to Halloween, there is no end to what you can do - especially if you are willing to hit the party stores for a few supplies. And Halloween decorations are just starting to go on sale, so you can scoop up some great deals. Make a haunted house the focal point (doctor up an old dollhouse) or even a coffin with a skeleton sitting up to greet guests (this can be fashioned out of painted cardboard). Make ample use of fake bugs, your specimen jars and candleabras. Turn a punchbowl into a smoking cauldron by covering the outside with fake leaves or branches and adding dry ice. Use spanish moss and “cobwebs” -- torn white pantyhose make nicer webs than the cotton stuff -- to add atmosphere.


Images via Trendy Tree, Disney Family, Events by Heather Ham, Design Gal & Her Handyman, Horchow

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