Smartphones: Lovies for Adults

texting on a busYou know how little kids cling to their blankies, stuffed animals, or lovies for comfort? Well, I think the smartphone is an adult's version of the worn, slightly disintegrated pieces of fabrics. In moments of intense awkwardness or boredom, we whip out our phones and are instantly pulled into our own little world either with music, games, or texting friends.

Here are 6 scenarios where smartphones work as our security blankets:

  1. In the Elevator: There's so much awkward tension in an elevator that a text to divert your attention is like a message sent from God.
  2. On the Bus, Train, Plane: Not only does it keep me from being bored out of my mind, but it also keeps me from staring at people, which I admittedly have a bad habit of doing if I'm not preoccupied.
  3. Solo at a Party: I hate going to parties where the only person I know is the host (and she's too busy doing hostess things to converse with). Granted, I try to be as friendly as possible while attending these kinds of events, but sometimes, it's just easier to throw in the towel and play on my phone. I may risk seeming standoffish, but I'd rather that than stand there awkwardly by myself all night. 
  4. Waiting: No, I don't care about why your kid is here at the doctor's office and, no, I don't want to talk about the weather while I'm standing in the grocery line. I find my phone especially useful in the more friendlier parts of the country (New Yorkers always tend to mind their own business). Talking to strangers makes me uncomfortable; plus, playing on my phone makes the time go by much faster.
  5. Avoiding Creepers: More often than not, I'm usually the first to be anywhere when meeting friends, which means I spend a good 10 minutes sitting at a bar by myself while waiting for my always-late friends to show up. Phones are pretty much the best c***k block ever invented. If a total creeper starts talking to me, I just clickety click away until he gets the message.
  6. Third Wheel: Playing the third wheel isn't so bad, until the couple starts fighting. Facebook the awkwardness away.

Do you ever use your phone as your security blanket?


Image via TobyOtter/Flickr

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