Quick, Last-Minute Costumes: 31 Free Printable Masks

Kanye West maskBeen hemming and hawing over putting together a Halloween costume? Not sure you're going to get any sort of costume put together in time? Well, we're here to make sure you can at least have a mask to bust out in order to get in the door at the Halloween party. (We take payment in cupcakes.)

We've found 31 free DIY printable masks so you don't come off as completely unfestive this weekend. Just download and print out the PDF mask that suits you best, cut out some eye holes, glue it to some cardboard, and attach a stick to hold it over your face.

You're all set -- mildly lame but set to party with the rest of the folks who spent more than five minutes on their costumes.


31 Free Printable Halloween Mask Downloads

Who or what are you going to be for Halloween?


Image via HuffPo

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