The Least Stressful Jobs in America

least stressful jobs in america

This Is Less Stressful Than Web Development

Want a low stress gig? CNNMoney calculated the 10 least stressful jobs in the U.S.A. and you'd better get out your slide ruler because 8 out of the 10 low stress gigs were engineering or tech-related: biomedical, civil, transportation, and test software development engineers. Web developer, statistician, technical writer, optometrist, and one random vote for marketing consultant rounded out the list.

In addition to a love of math and logic (marketing consultant excluded), all of these jobs seem to have the common theme of job security in an unsettling time.

But I think I can find less stressful jobs in America where those of us who went to liberal arts colleges, art school, or the school of life could thrive and chill as well.



People always need bread and always want cupcakes. Imagine waking up, creating masterpieces, and filling people's tummies every single day. Also, the life of a baker is dramatically different than a chef, who works insane hours and comes with the crazy gene.

Quality Control for Xbox, Sony, Nintendo

These are the people who actually get paid to play video games. The added benefit -- when they go home for the holidays, they can thumb their nose at their parents who constantly berated them through high school for spending too much time with the console.


Sure, the drunk couples who only want to make out while you steer the boat down the canal could get old. But if you love the relaxing sound of the waves, singing from your heart, and wearing those cool striped shirts, this is the gig to have whether in Venice or the Venetian -- where there will always be tourists.

Food Truck Owner

Set your own hours, experiment with delicious and tasty treats, and bask in adulation as a pioneer in the hottest food trend of late. As long as you're not competing on the Great Food Truck race, this is one of those jobs where you can kick back and enjoy feeding hungry people lining up to give you money, without having to own real estate or pay rent.

Island Caretaker

While technically not America, Americans could apply to this publicity stunt for Queensland, Australia. The winner of "the best job in the world" became the Island Caretaker for the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. You pull in a fat salary ($150,000) while you live in a luxury suite for six months and basically blog about what's shaking on the islands. Yes, please.

What do you think is the least stressful job in America?


Image via Tourism Queensland/Flickr


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