Bomb Alert! Attack of the Kittens!

kittensTerrorists are really breaking out the big guns. A suspicious box was found recently at a social security office that had extremely dangerous and terrifying contents. The bomb squad was immediately called to investigate, and, as a member of the squad slowly opened the box, out popped ... dum dum dum ... KITTENS!

Sound the alarms!


Okay, I know there's nothing funny about terrorist attacks, but the thought of an entire bomb squad circling a box filled with innocent kittens gives me the giggles. 

Look at what terrorism has done to us! It has made us terrified of toy ponies and kittens for goodness sake! Damn you, Osama bin Laden!

Once they opened the "suspicious package" and out popped two kitties, one ran off into the wilderness to undoubtedly wreak more terror havoc, while the other was whisked off to the animal shelter for adoption. Thankfully they didn't blow up the box like they did the pony on the playground. That would definitely not have resulted in a happy ending.

It's still unknown who left the box filled with furry goods at the social security's doorsteps, but for future reference for us all, anytime you have a box of cats, it's probably best to leave it on the doorstep of an actual home -- might cause a little less drama. Or, hey, better yet, take them to the shelter (groundbreaking, right?). No need to cast the orphans off old-school style.

Do you find this story a little ridiculous?


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